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Service Management - ITIL, DEVOps, CPDE, Agile, 6 learners all courses - Exams Included

Event Start Date: 5/1/2017 9:00 AM

Event End Date: 5/1/2017 2:00 PM

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This course is available to be streamed live online
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Cost: CAD $26,995.00

Corporate Learning Pass - All Courses for 12 months for 6 participants.

With the Corporate Pass, 6 members of your team can attend all the courses we have to offer in ITIL, Agile, DevOps, Process Design and ISO/IEC 20000.

This program has no concrete start date.   When you register, just let us know which classes you are choosing and we will build your training path with you. 

Our most popular configuration is this Corporate Pass, which allows six (6) team members to attend an unlimited number of classes in a 12-month period for only $26,995, this includes exams.

There is no catch, almost all public classes are included (only CSM, ServiceNow, and self-paced classes are not). 

Maximize not just your training dollars, but the type of education your learners attend; ITIL, Agile ITSM, DevOps, Process Design and ISO/IEC20000 classes are all available.
•Passes are valid for 12-months from the date the first learner attends their first class
•Not all team members have to attend the same courses – send them alone or in groups
•Applies to all public training; ITIL, Agile, DevOps, Process Design and ISO/IEC 20000

The full list of courses you can attend Live Online:
ITIL Foundation Course - Accredited
ITIL Capability Course: PPO - Planning, Protection and Optimization - Accredited
ITIL Capability Course: SOA - Service Offerings and Agreements - Accredited
ITIL Capability Course: OSA - Operational Support and Analysis - Accredited
ITIL Capability Course: RCV - Release, Control and Validation - Accredited
ITIL Lifecycle Course: Service Operation - Accredited
ITIL Lifecycle Course: Service Design - Accredited
ITIL Lifecycle Course: Service Transition - Accredited
ITIL Lifecycle Course: Service Strategy - Accredited
ITIL Lifecycle Course: Continual Service Improvement (CSI) - Accredited
ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) Course - Accredited
Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) Course - Accredited
DevOps Foundation Course - Accredited
Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) Course - Accredited
DevOps Overview

•Classes are offered in our Live, Instructor Led Virtual Classrooms; log-in with the instructor and the other learners - no travel required!

All classes are delivered in YLFL virtual classrooms (you log in with the other learners, and the instructor) and include the exams.

When you register, just let us know which classes you are choosing and we will build your training path with you. 

All courses are limited to a maximum of attendees. We promise to make every effort to schedule sufficient courses so that all Pass holders have multiple choices available. \
However, we are unable to guarantee a place for a specific date. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Contact Us to learn more about the Corporate Pass program details.

Notes: Your Corporate Pass is non-transferable and valid for two years from date of attendance in first class.

PAYMENT IN FULL must be received no later than five (5) business days prior to class start. Payments may be made by credit card, check,
money order or purchase order (PO), in US Dollars. Seats are not confirmed until payment is received. If class meets capacity prior to
receipt of payment, the learner will be immediately informed and sent information on the next available class. If payment has not been
received at class start, the learner can attend the class, but will not be eligible to sit for the examination until payment has been received.
Learner and/or Learner’s organization will be responsible for all learner travel and expense, where applicable.
CANCELLATION: Once payment and/or PO is received, registration may be cancelled by giving us WRITTEN NOTICE at least 15 business
days prior to start. Learner will be issued a 12 month voucher, for a future class of equal value. Full refunds are available only to
purchasers of single classes, and are at the discretion of YLFL.
RESCHEDULING: If 15 business days written notice is not given, YLFL will treat it as a class reschedule. Registration may be rescheduled one (1) time and the learner will be issued a 12 month voucher. If the leaner is unable to attend a rescheduled class, they may substitute an alternate attendee, or else forfeit the voucher and no refund will be provided. Thank you for your recent booking.

We will contact you soon.


What is live online training (LOT) and how do we do it so well?

Convinced you need an in-person class? Not comfortable with the idea of learning “online”? So were some of our students – until they attended one of our classes. We offer an extensive schedule of live, instructor-led online classes. Our instructor-led online classes allow you to attend a class from home or the office without the need to travel.
When you register for one of our instructor-led online courses you will receive:
Expert instruction from a live instructor who will guide you through the course material. This is not recorded eLearning, but a live, hands-on, interactive class. The only difference is that you and your instructor are not in the same room!
All of your course materials are shipped directly to your home or office.
Six months of post-class email support from an instructor.
Retake your class for free at any time in the future.
Access to our state-of-the-art online classroom which allows you to see and hear everything the instructor does. You can also ask questions using voice or chat at any time during the class, hear fellow student’s questions and even share your work with your instructor if you need assistance.

The best part about our instructor-led online classes is that they are guaranteed to run, even if you are the only student enrolled in the class! We are so confident your will completely enjoy your class experience that we offer a complete money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. See commonly asked questions about our live, instructor-led online classes or watch a short demonstration of how our live, instructor-led online classes work.When we're talking about an online classroom, we mean a synchronous environment with a leader and participants in multiple locations speaking and interacting with one another at the same time, much as they would in a physical classroom. Participants can raise their hands, take surveys or tests, and participate in learning activities in a number of different ways. Audio is included in some products through Voice over IP, although some products provide only the collaboration and information-sharing tools and a phone is used for audio. What are the similarities and differences?  Our training organization has been using live, online training for over four years and our experience indicates that moving from the traditional classroom environment is not a difficult task. We train both employees and customers using this technology. READ MORE>

  Still not convinced, why not bring our course to your site with Onsite Training.  Private Group Training At Your Site
Youlearnforless specializes in providing expert training at your site for groups as small as 3 people.  Setup for most of our courses is usually simple and straight-forward and our staff guides you through the entire process. If your staff is geographically dispersed, or if you have fewer than 3 people to train, our Instructor-Led online course delivery may also be an option for your group (see above.) 
We’ve delivered training for many Fortune 500 companies – request an onsite training price quote.
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